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Learn how to join BICEP and the benefits joining has for your company.

BICEP was founded on the belief that the energy and climate challenges facing the United States present a tremendous opportunity and a serious risk for U.S. businesses. BICEP’s goal is to work directly with key allies in the business community and with relevant policy-makers to seize this opportunity and remain competitive in the global transition to clean energy. We believe the U.S. should take immediate and
bold actions to pass meaningful energy and climate legislation that is consistent with our core principles.

BICEP offers a forum for business engagement to advance climate and energy policies on the state, federal and international levels. BICEP educates its members on relevant policy and provides backgrounds, briefings, and updates. BICEP members are presented with a menu of engagement opportunities, including direct engagement with policy makers, working with the media, and attending events. BICEP will also engage on behalf of its members to advance policies that are consistent with its principles.

BICEP was founded in 2009 by 5 founding members and now includes over 30 companies. Its members are leading, innovative companies that have demonstrated a commitment to sustainable practices within their own operations and come together to advocate for systemic change. For a list of members click here.

Benefits of Joining BICEP

Join an influential coalition leading on climate and energy policy advocacy

BICEP members are respected leaders in their industries. By acting in concert, these well-known brands are forging a network and can amplify voices on climate and energy policy.

Be a part of the solution

Leadership companies are increasingly realizing that policy outreach is an important component of a well-rounded corporate social responsibility program. Consumers and stakeholders within the US are increasingly looking for leadership – and turning to the brands they trust to find economically attractive solutions. BICEP is the only business-driven coalition focused exclusively on climate and energy policy.

Stay informed

Keeping up with climate and energy developments at the state, national and global level takes significant time and resources. BICEP streamlines this process for members by providing relevant information, reviews, position papers, policy development tools and fact sheets on pending climate change legislation and policy. BICEP members are also provided up-to-date background information on the science and economics behind various climate policy initiatives.

Build relationships with policymakers

BICEP facilitates regular meetings with Members of Congress, the Administration, and their staff to discuss members’ support for the BICEP principles.

Gain credible visibility

BICEP members receive ongoing media opportunities through their engagement on substantive issues. BICEP members build their sustainability reputations by publishing local and national Op-Eds, engaging with employees and customers through online and social media channels, participating in Congressional hearings, and signing on to letters and other outreach efforts of BICEP and its allies.

Engage in the way that works for your company

BICEP does not mandate specific involvement in any particular activity or event. Member companies choose those meetings, briefings, and initiatives that best suit their needs and preferences. The role of an individual company member can vary from vocal spokesperson to supporting actor, and is tailored based on the specific topic and the wishes of each member company.

Ceres Conference Discounts

BICEP members receive reduced rates to attend the annual Ceres Conference and members-only access to pre-conference meetings.

Membership Requirements

BICEP requires the following commitments from member companies:

1. Commitment to the BICEP Principles

2. Public commitment to progress on reducing the impacts of climate change

3. Annual revenue threshold of $100 million

Annual Membership Dues

BICEP membership dues are based on annual revenues and range in cost from $2,500 to $35,000.


BICEP welcomes new members. For more information about BICEP and how to join, contact Anne Kelly, Director, BICEP, at

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Learn more about BICEP and the benefits of joining. Download the BICEP In Brief.