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Learn how to join BICEP and the benefits joining has for your company.

Member Benefits

Opportunity to Work with Like-Minded Companies on Development and Passage of Climate & Energy Legislation

BICEP members are a select group of leadership companies. They have a unique opportunity to work in concert and with key Congressional and Administration leaders toward effective energy and climate legislation consistent with the BICEP principles.

Confidential Climate & Energy Policy Briefings

BICEP members receive both live and on-line briefings on key climate-related issues ranging from advances in energy efficiency and renewables to updated findings on green job development, offset models and carbon capture & storage technologies along with summaries of the various legislative proposals.

Ability to Influence Policy through Individual Meetings

BICEP members are invited to attend meetings with individual members of Congress and the Administration and their staffs on a regular basis.

Media Contacts and Opportunities

BICEP members receive ongoing opportunities to interact with the media. Senior executives and other company spokespeople are invited but not required to take public positions on particular policy proposals at Congressional hearings and through a vast array of media outlets.

Flexible Engagement Based on Company Needs/Preferences

BICEP does not mandate the specific involvement of any company in a particular activity or event. Member companies are free to choose those meetings, briefings, engagements and initiatives that best suit their needs and political preferences.

Reliable Information on All Sides of the Climate & Energy Debate

BICEP members will have timely access to information responsive to all sides of the energy & global warming debate. In response to complex arguments for or against various legislative proposals, the Ceres office will provide non-partisan analysis, compelling economic arguments and clarifying data.

Access to Climate Policy Research

Members of BICEP have full access to the resources of Ceres staff in Washington, DC. Through BICEP staff and select consultants, members are provided with relevant information, reviews, position papers, policy development tools and fact sheets on pending federal climate change legislation, and proposed rules. BICEP members are also provided up-to-date background information on the science and economics behind various climate policy initiatives.


For more information on how your company can join BICEP, contact Anne Kelly, Director, BICEP at or 617-247-0700 x135.

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Learn more about BICEP and the benefits of joining. Download the BICEP In Brief.