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Ceres In The News

Listing of news clips featuring Ceres and our work.
The Elephant in the 10-K: Carbon Asset Risk
Jan 21, 2016
Large US oil and gas companies are not adequately disclosing to their investors the risk that a portion of their carbon-based assets could be left stranded. Ceres, in collaboration with CookESG Research, recently launched a new version of its SEC Sustainability Disclosure Search Tool, helping users to explore narrative disclosures relevant to assessing carbon asset risk by companies in high-emitting industries.
Global Investor Coalition Calls on Exxon to Prepare for a Lower Carbon Future
Jan 19, 2016
A group of investors led by New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli and the Church of England are urging ExxonMobil to disclose the resilience of its business model in the wake of the Paris Agreement on climate change. The group of investors, including co-filers the Vermont State Employees' Retirement System, the University of California Retirement Plan and The Brainerd Foundation, represents nearly $300 billion in assets under management and more than $1 billion in Exxon shares.
Climate change influences shareholders concerns
Jan 19, 2016
It’s still early in this year’s proxy season — most companies hold annual meetings between April and June — but there are two clear issue leaders emerging in the shareholder resolutions filed to date: concerns about methane emissions and political activity.
New Search Tool Analyzes Carbon Asset Risk
Jan 18, 2016
A new tool has been launched that allows investors to search for SEC filings containing risk disclosures related to climate, water and carbon. The tool can zero in on disclosures related to carbon-intensive exploration projects, competition from sources of renewable energy, government efforts to reduce carbon emissions, possible global reductions in demand for fossil fuels and other areas specific to carbon asset disclosures, according to the two companies.
In Saudi Aramco IPO Talk, Some See Age of Oil Coming to End
Jan 15, 2016
For all the talk of Saudi Arabia’s oil company becoming the first trillion-dollar business if it goes public, some see the chatter as a sign of oil’s weakness. The Saudis, they say, know it’s time to start hedging their bet on fossil fuels.
As Exxon Faces Investigation, Investors Renew Pressure for Stronger Climate Stance
Jan 12, 2016
Against the backdrop of the historic Paris climate treaty last month and in the face of mounting calls for sweeping investigations of the company, ExxonMobil investors have filed a series of shareholder resolutions seeking to reform the company's climate change policy.
Shareholders’ Bids for Action on Methane Emissions Climbing
Jan 11, 2016
At least 21 U.S. oil and gas companies already face shareholder resolutions on environmental and social policies this year as investors raise concerns about how businesses are tackling climate change and pollution.
An Investment Strategy to Save the Planet
Jan 05, 2016
If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to do your part against climate change, keep reading. Now you can — with your investments.
Here's How To Get Investors To Save The Planet
Dec 17, 2015
World leaders should tax carbon emissions if they want institutional investors to commit their assets toward clean energy projects, according to a top environmental adviser to U.S. money managers.
The Paris Deal Could Mean The Redemption Of Big Business
Dec 14, 2015
Business leaders helped usher in the climate deal. Now can they keep it -- and themselves -- on track?
Big Oil, Make Way for Big Solar. The Winners and Losers in Paris
Dec 14, 2015
Saving the world isn’t going to be cheap. If you sell oil, coal or old-fashioned cars, that threatens disaster. For makers of stuff like solar panels, high-tech home insulation, and efficient lighting, it’s a potential miracle.
A Signal to Industry to Go Green in an Era of Carbon Reduction
Dec 14, 2015
With the ink barely dry on a landmark climate accord, nations now face an even more daunting challenge: how to get their industries to go along.
Signal and Noise at the Paris Climate Summit
Dec 11, 2015
In the past ten days, at the United Nations Climate Change Summit, in Paris, the word “signal” has become a kind of meme. It began with President Barack Obama’s introductory address, last week. “Let’s show businesses and investors that the global economy is on a firm path toward a low-carbon future,” Obama said. “There are hundreds of billions of dollars ready to deploy to countries around the world if they get the signal that we mean business this time. Let’s send that signal.”
Prying Open the Financial Risks of Climate Change
Dec 10, 2015
A European and an American walk into their local bank. Each has a savings account. The banks have the same antiseptic feel, their cash machines make the same robotic moves. There is one fundamental difference between the two, however—how they account for the vulnerability of their assets to climate change,
In Paris, polluters in focus as investors avoid climate risk
Dec 07, 2015
So far, the most visible investor impact of climate change is divestment. But a bigger, quieter shift has started, to low carbon, and “climate aware” polluters.
COP21: Strong Climate Policy Leads to Lower Business Costs, CEOs Say
Dec 04, 2015
Two new draft texts for a climate deal were released today at COP21, with additional drafts expected to follow as governments negotiate a global climate deal in Paris. Business leaders, meanwhile, continue to step up their efforts to influence climate policy.
NY Fund to Shift Stocks Into $2B Index of Lesser Polluters
Dec 04, 2015
New York's comptroller plans to shift domestic stock holdings in the state retirement fund to companies with lower carbon emissions in a new $2 billion index. The investment strategy was announced Friday at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.
Carney Backs Effort for Standard Company Climate Disclosure
Dec 04, 2015
Bank of England Governor Mark Carney backed a global effort to bring greater transparency to the way companies disclose the risks they face from climate change, wading into a debate that has ensnared some of the biggest fossil-fuel producers.
As Big Food Feels Threat Of Climate Change, Companies Speak Up
Dec 01, 2015
Chances are, you've picked up some chatter about the new global talks on climate change. If you can't quite see how it matters to you, personally, you might want to take a peek inside your pantry. Or your candy jar. Because it might just affect your access to everything from cheese to chocolate.
A who's who among the COP21 commitments
Nov 30, 2015
So, you support a strong global agreement at the U.N. Conference of the Parties? You want business, NGOs, policymakers and every stakeholder you forgot to mention to unite for once and for all to save the world. Of course you do. Put your name in lights in the City of Lights for what some see as an ultimate peace conference.