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Ceres In The News

Listing of news clips featuring Ceres and our work.
Will Your Stocks Survive Until 2020?
Apr 30, 2012
Creating more sustainable businesses will pave the way to a better economic future overall. Although responsible business practices that respect the environment and integrate positive social practices haven't always been first and foremost on many investors' minds, more and more long-term shareholders see the important connection. Sadly, most corporate managements are way behind the curve on this common sense, even survivalist, strategy.
EPA chief says administration plans further steps to combat climate change
Apr 30, 2012
Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa Jackson says the Obama administration plans to take further action to combat climate change. She said the administration plans to further exploit natural gas while also investing in renewable energy, has provided the necessary permits to facilitate offshore wind projects, and lauded Massachusetts for taking a leading role in trying to reduce the dangerous greenhouse gases that trap heat in the atmosphere.
Jackson dances around future greenhouse gas plans
Apr 27, 2012
EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson on Thursday danced around the agency’s plans for future regulations of greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants. Speaking at the CERES Conference in Boston, Jackson said the public discourse is focused on what is coming next.
Complementary Tools to Evaluate Water Risk and Response
Apr 26, 2012
In response to the growing urgency of water risk, there has been a proliferation of tools, frameworks and surveys aiming to help companies, investors and others understand and respond to these water risks. The different tools and approaches provide a valuable diversity of expertise and a better understanding of the nature of water stress, but it is not always clear which tools should be used by whom, for what, and how they overlap or complement one another.
Boston to shrug aside climate risk, proceed with waterfront development
Apr 26, 2012
This city's foremost environmental official yesterday said low-lying Beantown has no intention of backing away from waterfront development because of risks associated with sea-level rise and saltwater infiltration. Jim Hunt, chief of environment for Boston, told attendees at a Ceres investor's conference that the city is "quietly" planning for climate change resiliency, but that does not mean rethinking a 1,000-acre project in the so-called Innovation District.
Levi Strauss & Co. Unzipped: The People Who Make Our -- Your -- Clothes
Apr 17, 2012
At last year's Ceres conference in Oakland, Levi Strauss & Co. announced a bold commitment to improve conditions in its global supply chain. The company's efforts to date on the project, done in close collaboration with Ceres, are outlined in a white paper announced today.
Energy efficiency is common ground for business survival
Apr 17, 2012
You don't need to be an expert to plainly see the imperative and the opportunity for Connecticut businesses embedded in energy efficiency. A gathering of experts living on the frontlines -- business leaders and their counterparts in government, academia and advocacy -- recently removed any lingering doubt.
Ebay Installs Solar Panels after Utah Lobbying Victory
Apr 12, 2012
Ebay has installed its largest renewable energy project – a 665 kW solar installation at its Topaz data center in South Jordan, Utah – enabled by a recent legislative victory. Senate Bill 12, signed into law on March 21, allows companies to buy and transmit power directly from renewable energy developers. Ebay lobbied for the law with an association of data center professionals representing 1,000 companies in 66 countries, including Google, Oracle, Twitter and Adobe.
Auto Outlook: Automakers rewarded as buyers opt for gas-sippers
Apr 12, 2012
High gasoline prices may be helping the auto industry to its best year in recent memory with sales on pace to top 15 million vehicles on an annual basis. With unleaded regular near or exceeding $4 a gallon in most of the country, some U.S. auto executives have already proclaimed 2012 the year of the car as consumers scrap or trade-in aging, repair-prone vehicles for new more fuel-efficient passenger cars and smaller SUVs.
Why move Western water?
Apr 05, 2012
Across the West, proposed high-stakes projects to tap new water supplies are generating well-deserved controversy. It’s well-deserved because these projects ignore cheaper alternatives that make a lot more sense in the long term. The building proposals also share extremely large price tags that place uncertain but likely onerous levels of financial burden on present and future taxpayers and ratepayers.
Water scarcity is the new global warming
Apr 03, 2012
The global director of water stewardship for Coca-Cola Co. says that water risk isn’t imminent; it’s already manifest. Greg Koch, who spoke at the Financial Times sustainability conference in New York City on Thursday, issued dire warnings and a call to arms for investors and corporations around the world along with governments. And he wasn’t alone.
Buffett Says Shortcuts on Environment Can Risk Profits
Apr 03, 2012
Warren Buffett, the billionaire chairman and chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., said companies won’t last if they fail to consider the impact of their businesses on the environment. “Taking shortcuts is not the pathway to achieving sustainable competitive advantage, nor is it an avenue toward satisfying customers,” Buffett, 81, said.
Exclusive: Investors press U.S. shale oil drillers to control flaring
Mar 29, 2012
Investors representing $500 billion in assets are pushing energy companies in the shale oil rush in North Dakota and other states to disclose the amount of natural gas they burn - a practice they see as a wasteful financial risk.
Plan now for climate-related disasters: U.N. report
Mar 28, 2012
A future on Earth of more extreme weather and rising seas will require better planning for natural disasters to save lives and limit deepening economic losses, the United Nations said on Wednesday in a major report on the effects of climate change.
NPR: Rising Tides
Mar 19, 2012
Sharlene Leurig, senior manager of the Insurance Program at Ceres, spoke with Tom Ashbrook of NPR's "On Point" about a new report on rising sea levels and coastal flooding. The new report says rising seas driven by global warming are going to bite deeper, sooner than most people imagine. Hitting millions. Costing billions, trillions. Putting homes at risk, but also roads, bridges, military bases, farmland, schools, hospitals.
NBC Miami: Miami Has More Assets To Lose From Climate Change, Rising Seas Than Any Other City, New Study Says
Mar 15, 2012
An analysis by the non-partisan advocacy group, Climate Central says that human-caused climate change and rising sea levels are accelerating – and that Miami has more to lose in terms of assets than any city in the world. The study says that storm surges will reach much farther inland than they do now – not a far-off future risk, but perhaps during the life of the mortgage you hold now in Hollywood, for example, or Miami Shores.
ABC News: New Figures: More of US at Risk to Sea Level Rise
Mar 14, 2012
Nearly 4 million people across the United States, from Los Angeles to much of the East Coast, live in homes more prone to flooding from rising seas fueled by global warming, according to a new method of looking at flood risk published in two scientific papers.
Yale Environment 360: California Takes the Lead With New Climate Initiatives
Mar 09, 2012
California, long America’s environmental trendsetter, is about to push the envelope once again. On May 1, the state will hear from some of the nation’s largest insurance companies about the financial risks climate change poses, not only to the companies but also to their customers and investors.
E & E Energy Wire: Insurers, reinsurers urge Congress to cap GHG emissions
Mar 02, 2012
Congressional Democrats found vocal allies today in their quest to cap carbon dioxide emissions -- the insurance and reinsurance industries.
Minnesota Public Radio: What are businesses doing to be more sustainable?
Mar 01, 2012
Kerri Miller of Minnesota Public Radio spoke with Mindy Lubber, president of Ceres about what business are doing to become more sustainable. Ceres helps companies address sustainability. Lubber is an international leader in efforts by investors to pressure companies to adopt sustainable business practices.