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Ceres In The News

Listing of news clips featuring Ceres and our work.
GreenBiz: NASDAQ to promote sustainability disclosure
Jul 18, 2012
One accomplishment reached at Rio+20 was an agreement by five members of the Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative to promote reporting on environmental, social, and corporate governance risks and opportunities by listed companies.
Environmental Finance: Shareholders make Apple, Colgate, Dell act on sustainability
Jul 11, 2012
Shareholder resolutions have spurred companies to made commitments to tackle environmental and social risks in their operations and supply chains in 44 out of 108 cases tracked by Ceres in 2012.
The Bakersfield Californian: Ask reinsurers about climate change
Jul 09, 2012
It's hard to pin a single event -- like the heat wave that's gripped the Mid-Atlantic for the past week -- on climate change. But some of the predicted impacts of global warming made by climate scientists over the past decade can no longer be ignored
Fox News: Rising Sea Levels Pose Threat to East Coast
Jun 26, 2012
FOX 25's Mark Ockerbloom talks with Mindy Lubber, the President of Ceres, about the rising sea levels and the possible threats the elevated waters pose to the East Coast.
Bloomberg: Bacteria Work Shows Profit in Openness
Jun 19, 2012
Companies from beverage maker PepsiCo Inc. to sporting goods maker Puma SE are finding that lowering their impact on the environment can also boost earnings. Their efforts mean lower fuel and water use and savings on waste disposal.
The Guardian: Rio+20 - the Earth Summit diaries
Jun 19, 2012
From Rio de Janeiro, Jo Confino provides behind the scenes insight of all that's going on from a business perspective at the Earth Summit.
Washington Post: Rio Earth summit nears as scientists warn planet faces grave threats
Jun 07, 2012
As thousands of people prepare to convene in Brazil this month for the Rio+20 Earth Summit, scientists and environmentalists alike are sending a sharp message: The planet is in dire straits.
The Baltimore Sun: Storm warnings
Jun 06, 2012
People can't make informed investment decisions unless corporations clearly disclose their financial risks from climate change. Increasingly violent weather worldwide is putting investments at risk, and people can't make informed decisions without knowing the consequences to individual companies. The problem is spelled out in a report, "Physical Risks From Climate Change" by Calvert Investments, Oxfam America and Ceres.
Pensions & Investments: Report calls for more climate impact disclosure
Jun 01, 2012
Investors need to get more information on how the companies in which they invest are facing and managing risks posed by climate change, according to a report released Thursday by Calvert Investments, Ceres and Oxfam America.
E&E Energy Wire: Investors urged to take cautious approach to development
May 31, 2012
Business investor coalition Ceres issued a report today siding with the Obama administration's cautious plan for developing oil shale reserves on federal land, outlining five key risks that could undermine commercial-scale oil shale development.
Consumers should reward supply-chain heroes
May 25, 2012
The cult of consumer awareness needs to run deeper than what sounds good or looks good. Supply-chain heroes need to be honored. Holding them out might just change perceptions of what makes a good company and what makes one bad.
Gas mileage boost could fuel economy
May 24, 2012
Republicans are now seeking to create jobs, strengthen national security and boost economic growth. Improving the gas mileage on our cars and trucks can help us do all of them. So Republicans should embrace a proposal, expected to be finalized this summer, to raise national fuel-efficiency standards to an average 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025.
Range of experts extoll virtues of new rule at Capitol Hill forum
May 23, 2012
The proposed federal fuel economy standards have garnered backing from a wide range of supporters, from drivers to small businesses, according to members of a panel who spoke yesterday on Capitol Hill.
Public Policy Consulting's Binz suggests risk-aware regulation for state commissioners
May 21, 2012
Ron Binz, a principal with Public Policy Consulting and a former chairman of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, discusses a new Ceres report focusing on what state regulators need to know about electric utility risk.
CalPERS says investors must put ‘F’ for financial reform into ESG
May 02, 2012
CalPERS, the $235bn (€177bn) US pension fund giant, says institutional investors must extend their sustainability efforts towards improved financial regulation and derivatives reform if they are to avoid the danger of market meltdowns.
The Audaciousness of Hope: Reasons for Optimism at the Ceres Conference 2012
May 01, 2012
Let me ‘fess up. The state of the environment sometimes gets me down. But attending the Ceres annual conference this week gave me a refreshing dose of optimism. Here are three rays of hope from the conference.
Lessons from Ceres: How to expand corporate leadership
May 01, 2012
Great work from just a few companies isn't enough to combat climate change and build a thriving, sustainable global economy. That was the message from Ceres leader Mindy Lubber when she announced a new report, The Road to 2020, at the nonprofit's annual conference last week.
Do more to help business adapt to climate change, Ottawa told
May 01, 2012
An advisory group that was axed in the recent federal budget says Ottawa needs to show more leadership in encouraging businesses to prepare for the impacts of climate change. The National Round Table on the Economy and Environment was created by former prime minister Brian Mulroney 25 years ago but, in last month’s budget, was given a year to wind down its operations.
CalPERS Invests $1.2 Billion in Renewable Energy
Apr 30, 2012
The California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS), the largest public pension fund in the U.S. with a $235 billion investment porfolio, released its first report on its efforts to invest sustainably. The report was released at the Ceres Conference in Boston this week. Ceres is a coalition of investors and environmentalists working together to integrate sustainability into the capital markets. CalPERS helped found Ceres in 1989.
Businesses told energy policy must be changed
Apr 30, 2012
For every one degree Celsius that the air temperature increases, the atmosphere absorbs 7 percent more moisture from the ground. And that results in extreme weather patterns that threaten the livelihood -- and, ultimately, the existence -- of human beings, said Rifkin, president of The Foundation of Economic Trends in Bethesda, Md., who teaches business at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. But that's not the only reason businesses should start relying on alternative energy sources. Humans have already used up half of the crude oil, which was relatively easy to reach and produce, available on the planet, Rifkin said. "We cannot afford the price of the other half," Rifkin told about 600 business leaders and policymakers gathered yesterday in Boston for the CERES Conference on sustainable economy.