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Blogs By Ceres

A listing of blogs authored by Ceres
Pensions & Investments: The blindness of short-term thinking 'Quarterly capitalism' desperately needs tempering with long-term guidance
Jun 25, 2012
Quarterly capitalism — a system that drives far too many CEOs, directors, investors and analysts to focus on short-term performance and return on investment — is on a collision course with reality.
Forbes: A Tipping Point on Sustainability Disclosure in Rio?
Jun 19, 2012
As thousands of diplomats, world leaders, corporations, institutional investors, NGOs and social and environmental activists gather in Rio for the U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development, corporate sustainability disclosure has risen to the top of the global agenda.
Huffington Post: Extreme Weather Is the New Reality
Jun 05, 2012
In 2011, extreme weather caused more than $148 billion in economic losses, and $55 billion in insured losses globally. Ceres, Oxfam America and Calvert Investments released a new guide to prepare businesses and investors for facing and disclosing climate-related risks.
Forbes: Raising the Bar on Supply Chains
May 17, 2012
Companies must shift from mere “supply chain management” to corporate supply chain improvements. But the data show there is still a long way to go.
The Guardian: Corporate sustainability activism is picking up pace in the US
May 10, 2012
Major US companies are taking the lead on sustainability as policy makers in Washington fail to act on green issues.
Forbes: How US Utilities Can Avoid a Risky $2 Trillion Bet
May 08, 2012
There are times when business as usual becomes a risk in itself. America’s electric utilities are approaching just such a moment. A new report from Ceres analyzes the impacts investment decisions will have on utilizes and their stakeholders.
Forbes: "Last Call at the Oasis" is loud wakeup call on global water crisis
May 04, 2012
The new documentary “Last Call at the Oasis” does far more than recount the alarming woes of our country’s most water-stressed regions; it’s a beautifully produced, detailed picture of an immense global crisis bearing down on us as we speak – and thankfully a roadmap of sorts to what we can do about it.
The Guardian: A new Ceres report finds business progress on sustainability disappointing
Apr 25, 2012
As the world population soars beyond seven billion, human beings are putting unprecedented demands on natural resources and generating ever-higher levels of greenhouse gases. Can our global economy, and the environment on which it depends, survive these stresses?
Forbes: Business Sustainability at Rio +20 - What are we waiting for?
Apr 20, 2012
Part of Rio+20 will be the Corporate Sustainability Forum, a global effort to engage the private sector on building a sustainable economy for a sustainable planet. This aligns perfectly with Ceres’ mission – and Ceres will be in Rio pushing for accelerated action and results.
Huffington Post: Shale Oil "Flaring" Is Dirty Secret of U.S. Oil Boom
Mar 30, 2012
Given the economic, energy and climate change challenges we face, you'd thick it wouldn't be necessary to write a column illustrating how it makes no sense to "flare" --literally burn up-- $110 million worth of perfectly good natural gas each year without even using it to power a single light bulb.
Forbes: eBay and Republican lawmaker score clean energy win in Utah
Mar 22, 2012
When eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace, built its first-ever data center in South Jordan, Utah, it wanted to not only design and build the site to LEED Gold standards, it wanted to use clean energy to power much of the sprawling facility. This wasn’t simply part of eBay’s company-wide commitment to sustainable operations, it was a bottom-line business decision.
Forbes: Investors are Making Money on Renewable Energy
Mar 20, 2012
When Prudential Capital Group provided $121 million in financing for an Arizona solar power project earlier this year, and General Electric hit the $1.4 billion mark in solar energy projects it has invested in cumulatively, they weren’t speculating in risky, early-stage technology ventures. They were investing in core infrastructure projects with high gross margins and revenues fixed for 20 to 25 years.
Deseret News: Proposed Lake Powell pipeline is bad bet for Utah taxpayers
Mar 07, 2012
Across the West, proposed high-stakes projects to capture water resources are generating well-deserved controversy because every one of them ignores cheaper, more sensible alternatives that are more sustainable in the long term.
The Huffington Post: Insurers Brace for Stormy Weather as the World Warms
Mar 02, 2012
On Capitol Hill yesterday, major re-insurers drew a grim picture of increasing floods, droughts, severe storms and other weather disasters. Invited by a group of senators advocating responsible action, the insurance leaders called for our country that has long led the world in producing greenhouse gases to take the lead in tackling climate change.
Forbes: Ending Quarterly Capitalism
Feb 21, 2012
Quarterly capitalism, a system that drives far too many CEOs, directors, investors, and analysts to focus on short-term performance and return on investment, is on a collision course with reality.
Forbes: Starbucks, Nike, Yahoo Tell Congress To Renew Key Wind Power Tax Credit
Feb 15, 2012
At any moment Congress will decide whether to extend the production tax credit (PTC), which gives wind power producers a 2.2 cent tax credit for every kilowatt hour of power they produce. Among those urging extension are some of America’s biggest brands and largest purchasers of wind and other renewably sourced energy.
Las Vegas Sun: Cutting water use is the best bet for Southern Nevada
Feb 10, 2012
Much of Nevada’s livelihood comes from gambling, but some things are too precious and too costly to gamble on. Unfortunately, gambling is exactly what the state’s largest provider of that most precious desert resource – water – is doing. The stakes are high for residents and businesses.
Forbes: Ending Wall Street's Big Sleep on Sustainability
Jan 27, 2012
Companies often point to investors as a reason why they’re not doing more on sustainability. “We’d like to do more…but mainstream investors just don’t care about it,” is the common refrain according to a survey by Accenture on CEO attitudes. That’s starting to change.
GreenBiz: The Economic Risks of a Water Constrained World
Jan 20, 2012
The economic slump still with us after several punishing years is largely rooted in living beyond our means -- too much spending and not enough money in the bank to cover people's expectations for the future. Tackling this disconnect is a well-worn battle cry by now in the financial markets. But it is also taking root in a far more precious and increasingly-scarce resource: fresh water. If investors and companies do not plan for this already unfolding global threat, they are as vulnerable as overextended banks were when subprime mortgages and housing markets collapsed.
Huffington Post: Major Investors Show the Way on Climate Change
Jan 18, 2012
Anyone who thinks the business world doesn't believe in acting on climate change should check out what's happening at the United Nations today. Some 450 global investors who control tens of trillion in assets are gathering for the Investor Summit on Climate Risk and Energy Solutions.