David Ziv-Kreger has more than two decades of experience in the start-up and development of innovative not-for-profit initiatives. David came to Ceres in 2006, where he served as Director of Development, working to secure the resources needed to fuel Ceres' work from foundation, corporate and government sources, as well as from a growing numbers of generous and forward-thinking individuals.

Before coming to Ceres, David directed development efforts for Project HEALTH, a Boston-based national organization. From 1996 to 2002, he provided consulting services to not-profit enterprises, during which time he served as adjunct faculty for a leadership development fellowship for the environmental movement in Israel.

Previously, David served as director of community campaigns for Global Action Plan for the Earth, recognized by Renew America as the best program in the nation for mobilizing community participation in sustainability.

In 1989, he co-founded Golubka, the first leadership training organization for the emerging not-for-profit sector in the former Soviet Union, after serving on the staff of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War when it was awarded the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize.

He has an MD from Harvard Medical School and a B.S. in Physics from Stanford University.