Dan is a Senior Associate for Shareholder Engagement as part of Ceres’ Investor Network on Climate Risk and Sustainability. In this role he works with investors and companies on climate change, sustainability, and governance issues, as well as various projects for the Ceres Investor Network.

Prior to joining Ceres, Dan spent much of the past decade engaged in numerous research, strategy, and technically focused projects within the sustainability arena. In addition to co-founding a strategy consulting practice based in Michigan, his experience includes providing regular briefings to Fortune 500 executives on the latest research and trends in corporate sustainability, authoring an MBA case study on corporate water stewardship, serving as contributing author on two reports on hydraulic fracturing, preparing and publishing the annual CDP report for one of the world’s most admired companies, leading a team to conduct a competitive lifecycle assessment for a major appliance manufacturer, and conducting a rigorous assessment of a base of the pyramid (BoP) corporate venture.

He has engaged with diverse stakeholders across three continents, with experience in both developed and emerging markets. He received his Master of Science degree from the University of Michigan in environmental policy, with a graduate certificate in industrial ecology, and he received a B.A. in the applied social sciences from Kalamazoo College.