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Annual Reports

Listing of downloadable Ceres Annual Reports.

The Path Taken: Ceres Annual Report 2015

The Future Is Now: Ceres Annual Report 2013 (25th Anniversary Edition)

Download  a PDF copy of The Future Is Now here.

The Future Is Possible: Ceres Annual Report 2012

2012 Annual ReportThis report highlights our accomplishments over the last year in mobilizing our powerful networks of investors and companies to integrate environmental and social concerns into their decision-making and operations. It discusses our efforts to move key economic players like the insurance industry and to transform capital market systems in order to address the most pressing sustainability challenges of our time—water scarcity, the depletion of natural resources, and the growing impacts of climate change. Download report.

Ceres Annual Report 2011-2012

2011-2012 Annual ReportIn this report you will find highlights of our work over the past year, including groundbreaking reports that are helping reshape the nation’s electric-power sector; new tools to help industry use water more efficiently; successful efforts to require insurance companies to publicly disclose climate-related financial risks; progress on new stock exchange listing requirements for sustainability disclosure; and a major evaluation of the sustainability performance of 600 large U.S. companies. Download report.

Leverage: Ceres 2010-2011 Annual Report

2010 Annual ReportIn this report we provide a behind-the-scenes look at how Ceres is driving sustainability into business and investor practices as well as other key segments of the economy. The Ceres process includes leveraging our internal expertise and our coalition members to motivate companies and investors to build strong sustainability strategies. We also identify barriers that prevent companies from integrating sustainability practices into operations, products and supply chains; target segments of the economic system and public policies that need to change; and then leverage a combination of unique tools, resources and relationships to help break down the barriers to change. Download report...

Multiplying Our Impact: Ceres 2009-2010 Annual Report

2009-10 Annual ReportThe 2009-10 Ceres Annual Report highlights the remarkable achievements that we have made over the past year in working to build a sustainable global economy. It highlights our successes in four of today's most pressing sustainability issues: the scarcity of water, the need to replace fossil fuels with clean energy, supporting human rights and combating climate change. Ceres' Annual Report also includes case studies of the achievements we have made with our partners, including Oxfam America, Ford Motor Co. and the California Public Employees' Retirement System. Download report...

Fast Forward: Ceres Annual Report 2008-2009

2008-09 Annual ReportThis report highlights Ceres' 20 year history of building sustainability into capital markets and lays out our vision for reaching a truly sustainable economy by 2020. Told through the lens of our four key pillars for success - Ensuring Honest Accounting, Setting New Standards and Expectations, Accelerating Green Innovation and Changing the Rules of the Game - this report explores Ceres current work and asks the crucial questions we need to answer if we are going to accelerate systemic change to address climate change and other sustainability threats. Download report...

Ceres Annual Report: 2007-2008

2007-08 Annual ReportThis report demonstrates the results we have achieved, and the momentum we have created towards our mission of advancing sustainable prosperity. The report highlights four key approaches we use to marshal economic forces to safeguard the global environment and ensure our future quality of life—ultimately building a sustainable global economy: connect investors, environmentalists and companies, lead on systemic long-term change, solve with smart business solutions, inform with cutting-edge reports, disclosure standards and best practices. Download report...

Ceres Annual Report: 2006 and Beyond

2006 Annual ReportThis report demonstrates the momentum we have created through our work, our strategies and, most importantly, our results. It includes four sections on key approaches we use to achieve our mission of advancing sustainable prosperity: Connect. Lead. Solve. Inform. Download report...



Ceres Annual Report: 2005 and Beyond

2005 Annual ReportBy engaging directly with companies, by promoting leading-edge environmental and social disclosure, by leveraging our unique access to investors, Ceres is finding smart, workable solutions to society's most pressing sustainability challenges such as global climate change. Download report...


Ceres Annual Report: 2004 and Beyond

2004 Annual ReportThe 2004 and Beyond report outlines Ceres' extraordinary achievements the past 18 months, ranging from the kickoff of our innovative stakeholder teams for companies, to the growing participation in sustainability reporting, to the remarkable success of our second Institutional Investor Summit on Climate Risk at the United Nations. Download report...

Ceres 2003 Annual Report

2003 Annual ReportThe 2003 Ceres Annual Report reviews our extraordinary achievements over the last year, including new reports, a pension fund "Call to Action", and dialogues and resolutions resulted in climate change commitments from companies. Download report...


Ceres 2001 Annual Report: Life in the Edge Environment

2001 Annual ReportCeres' 2001 Annual Report focuses on the growth of its coalition members and companies and includes highlights of our work in 2002, ranging from our Green Hotel Initiative to the Sustainable Governance Project. Download report...

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Audited Financial Reports

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