Mr. Williams joined Ceres’ Presidents’ Council in 2013. He spent 37 years as an advisor to public entities beginning with roles as a community liaison on major transportation initiatives in New York City. He worked in twenty countries and twenty six states amassing a $10 billion track record for successful project development.

From 1996 to 2012, Williams was a principal owner of HDR, Inc., a major international architecture and engineering company. In 2007, he began a quest to establish valuation and risk assessment standards for infrastructure and public building projects. He worked with CGI and Columbia University to create the Sustainable Return on Investment framework (SROI was launched into the public domain in September of 2008).

He serves as Secretary Treasurer and a Board member for the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure Economics Committee, Co-Chair of the West Coast Infrastructure Exchange Business Standards Committee, and for two years as the Infrastructure Finance Topic leader for CGI. For eighteen years he has served as a faculty member at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs where he leads capstone teams in public policy analysis.

In 2012, he founded Impact Infrastructure, Inc.. The company’s AutoCASE® product line is a cloud based automated the business case evaluation solution that provides Benefit-Cost, LCCA, and Triple Bottom Line assessments for infrastructure and building projects.

Williams graduated from West Virginia University in 1979.