The key to Ceres’ success and strength is its ability to mobilize a powerful coalition of more than 140 environmental and social nonprofit organizations, investment firms, and foundations committed to sustainability. The Ceres Coalition engages with investors, companies, policy-makers and other capital market influencers to build sustainability leadership and collectively drive change.

Ceres Coalition members have the opportunity to participate in Ceres-led company engagements, sharing critical insights and information companies need to strengthen their corporate performance and disclosure on material sustainability issues. This allows member organizations to connect with peer groups and partner with large corporations through a solutions-oriented process that will support their organization’s own advocacy efforts and mission.

Members also have the opportunity to engage with the Ceres Policy Network and Ceres campaigns to advocate for stronger climate, clean energy and water policies in the U.S.

Join a powerful coalition of environmental and social nonprofit organizations, investment firms, and foundations committed to building a sustainable global economy.

Why Join?

The Ceres Coalition provides organizations with opportunities to cultivate new partnerships with like-minded organizations committed to sustainability. As an advocate for sustainability leadership, your organization can join a powerful coalition that is working together toward the shared goal of accelerating the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

Member Benefits:

  • Opportunities to participate in stakeholder engagements with members of the Ceres Company Network and engage with a broad range of constituencies to drive corporate sustainability leadership.
  • Opportunities to be highlighted on the Ceres website and in the Ceres annual report.
  • Access to a vibrant and active community of sustainability leaders through webinars, conferences and events.
  • Discounted registration rate, complimentary exhibitor space and access to members-only events at the annual Ceres Conference.


Member Requirements:

  • Ceres Coalition applications are accepted throughout the year and are reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee of the Ceres Board of Directors on a quarterly basis. The Executive Committee reserves the right to ask an organization to leave the Coalition.
  • Upon acceptance to the Ceres Coalition, members are asked to identify a primary point of contact and to engage with Ceres staff to determine opportunities for collaboration.
  • We also ask new members to work with Ceres communications staff to identify ways to promote Ceres Coalition membership, for example, through inclusion of the Ceres logo on your organizational website.


Priority will be given to Ceres Coalition applicants with:

  • A demonstrated track record and commitment to sustainability;
  • The ability to contribute key areas of expertise to multi-stakeholder engagements with companies;
  • The ability to help further the effort to mobilize company and investor leadership.


For additional information on the Ceres Coalition and how to join, contact Alba Muñoz Saiz, manager, Corporate Program at Ceres: email: [email protected]  or phone: 617-247-0700, ext: 163.