The Ceres Board of Directors comprises sustainability leaders with diverse backgrounds in sustainable investing, business, research, policy, law and advocacy. Board members are selected based on their active engagement in Ceres' critical work to build sustainability leadership and drive sustainable solutions throughout the economy


Adele Simmons

Global Philanthropy Partnership
Ashok Gupta headshot

Ashok Gupta

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
Betty T. Yee headshot

Betty T. Yee

Carl Pope headshot

Carl Pope

Inside Straight Strategies
Denise L. Nappier Headshot

Denise L. Nappier

State of Connecticut
Douglas Husid Headshot

Douglas Husid, Secretary

Goulston & Storrs
Ion Yadigaroglu headshot

Ion Yadigaroglu

Capricorn Investment Group
Jack Ehnes headshot

Jack Ehnes

Janet Ranganathan headshot

Janet Ranganathan

World Resources Institute (WRI)
Dr. Julie Gorte headshot

Julie Gorte

PaxWorld Management Corp.
Marcia Bateson Headshot

Marcia Bateson

Ruby's Naturals, Inc.
Michel Gelobter headshot

Michel Gelobter

Cooler, Inc.
Norman L. Dean Headshot

Norman L. Dean

Tacoma Environmental Consulting
Peter Rosenblum headshot

Peter Rosenblum

Foley Hoag LLP
Scott M. Stringer headshot

Scott M. Stringer

New York City
Tedd Saunders headshot

Tedd Saunders

Eco-Logical Solutions, The Saunders Hotel Group
Thomas P. DiNapoli headshot

Thomas P. DiNapoli

New York State