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Ceres News Feed

Nike Wins Top Ceres-ACCA Award for Best Sustainability Reporting
May 11, 2011
Nike received the top sustainable reporting award today for the North American competition sponsored by Ceres and the Association for Chartered Certified Accountants at the Ceres conference in Oakland. The award was accepted by Hannah Jones, Vice President of Sustainable Business and Innovation at Nike. Other winners, selected from nearly 100 nominations by an independent panel of expert judges, included Anvil Knitwear, American Electric Power and SAP.
Leading Companies, Investors Band Together to Catalyze Sustainable Global Economy
May 11, 2011
Sustainable business practices got a powerful, public boost today when a group of globally prominent investors, Fortune 500 companies and organized labor announced a series of coordinated commitments to combat climate change and other societal challenges while building a safer, more sustainable global economy.
Levi's Revamps Supply Chain Engagement to Focus on Workers' Rights
May 11, 2011
On the opening day of the 2011 Ceres Conference, Levi's president, John Anderson, announced new Terms of Engagement that aim to step up the commitments put in place two decades ago.
Sprint Nextel, Intuit and Brown Forman join Ceres Network of Companies
May 11, 2011
The Ceres Board of Directors announced today that Sprint Nextel, Intuit and Brown Forman have joined the Ceres Network of Companies. Companies that join Ceres commit to improve their sustainability disclosure and performance by engaging with investors, environmental groups and other stakeholders.
KLD Co-founder Peter Kinder and Root Capital’s William Foote Recipients of 2011 Bavaria Awards
May 10, 2011
Socially responsible investing advocates Peter Kinder, co-founder and president until 2009 of KLD Research & Analytics, and William Foote, founder and CEO of Root Capital, were honored May 10, by Ceres and Trillium Asset Management as this year’s winners of the fourth annual Joan Bavaria Awards for Building Sustainability into the Capital Markets.
How Timberland, Levi's Use Teamwork to Advance Sustainability
May 09, 2011
Businesses can't take on complex environmental and social issues without input from the full spectrum of stakeholders ranging from NGOs and community groups to their suppliers, employees and investors.
The Evolution of Water Risk in the Municipal Bond Market
May 02, 2011
Municipal bonds are considered by many investors to be one of the safest investment options available. But a report released by Ceres last fall argued that many such bonds have unaccounted-for risks lurking in the water – literally.
Our Vision
Apr 27, 2011
Business Leaders Say Clean Air Standards Good for Economy
Apr 21, 2011
Recently released data from independent business groups and the Environmental Protection Agency demonstrates the positive economic impacts of clean air standards and disprove the claims that new standards are bad for the economy, business and investing leaders said during a media teleconference today.
40 Is the New 30, As Automakers Ramp Up MPGs Across the Line
Apr 21, 2011
Carmakers, boxed in by regulation and rising prices at the pump, are finally going where they should have gone a long time ago by squeezing serious fuel economy out of the internal-combustion engine. The result is a growing number of cars that reach 40 mpg on the highway. These days, 40 mpg is the new 30
Joan Benoit Samuelson/Andrew Ference: We should run to clean energy
Apr 18, 2011
Today’s the annual spring moment when athletics take New England’s center stage — the Boston Marathon and traditional Red Sox matinee game, with yet another Bruins playoff run under way. As athletes privileged to compete at the highest levels in two of these events, we know a lot about competition and challenges. Our careers are anchored in a belief that it’s always possible to do better. We also want a better world for our children. That’s why we have taken a big interest in just the kind of challenge athletes love to take on — a drive for less polluting energy sources that will keep the air we breathe clean.
Weathering the Storm: Report Finds U.S. Energy System Not Ready
Apr 12, 2011
WASHINGTON - The country's energy infrastructure is not ready to weather the storm of more frequent extreme weather. A new National Wildlife Federation (NWF) report delivers that finding and makes recommendations for improving energy reliability. NWF climate scientist Dr. Amanda Staudt says floods, intense storms, hurricanes, droughts and heat waves have been happening more frequently, and they can disrupt power and fuel supplies.
Advanced Micro Devices Joins Ceres Network of Companies
Apr 12, 2011
Ceres announced today that it is has approved Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE:AMD), a semiconductor design innovator, as a Ceres Network Company. Companies that join Ceres commit to improve their sustainability disclosure and performance by engaging with investors, environmental groups and other stakeholders.
Decline in U.S. Mutual Funds’ Support of Climate-Related Shareholder Resolutions in 2010, New Report Finds
Apr 08, 2011
U.S. mutual funds’ proxy voting patterns for climate-related shareholder resolutions are not keeping pace with the escalating risks associated with climate change. Mutual funds’ overall support of these resolutions dropped from 27 percent in 2009 to 24 percent in 2010, after rising steadily the previous three years. That is the finding of Ceres’ sixth annual analysis of U.S. mutual fund votes by 46 leading mutual fund families collectively managing approximately $6 trillion in assets. The analysis was jointly conducted with Fund Votes, which has tracked U.S. mutual fund voting since reporting was first required in 2004.
New Ceres Survey Data: U.S. Mutual Funds Backtrack in Supporting Climate Resolutions in 2010
Apr 08, 2011
April 2011 – This survey, conducted by Ceres and Fund Votes, examines how U.S. mutual fund companies have been acting - or not acting - to address climate change risks in their portfolios through their proxy voting. The survey, now in its sixth year, analyzed 46 mutual fund families’ proxy votes on 36 shareholder-sponsored climate change-related resolutions in the 2010 proxy season. It found that U.S. mutual funds’ voting support for climate-related shareholder resolutions is not keeping pace with the escalating risks associated with climate change.
One Year After Gulf Oil Spill, BP Facing Investor Frustration Over Lack of Disclosure on Risk Management
Apr 06, 2011
On the one-year anniversary of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, an international coalition of leading socially responsible investors recommended to vote against or abstain from the BP accounts and reports at the company’s upcoming annual meeting.
Sustainability: Ending the ‘Tyranny of Short-Termism’
Mar 31, 2011
In addition to the economic crisis, businesses operating in our global economy face colossal environmental and social challenges – climate change, energy and water constraints, population pressures, rising consumer expectations and endemic poverty, to name just a few.
Ceres 2009 Sustainability Report
Mar 31, 2011
The 2009 Ceres Sustainability Report includes data that describe our progress over the period 2007-2009 toward reaching specific goals associated with a set of key performance indicators. In addition, the report offers a self-evaluation of organizational performance relative to relevant expectations set forth in the Ceres Roadmap for Sustainability.
New Reports from Citi, Ceres See U.S. Auto Industry Boosting Profits, Sales with Higher Mileage Standards
Mar 30, 2011
Two new reports from Citi Investment Research, Ceres and industry experts conclude that U.S. automakers will be more profitable at a fleetwide 42 mpg average in 2020 – and that by 2015 more than one in 20 cars sold in the U.S. will be hybrid, plug-in or full electric vehicles (EV).
Electric Vehicles: Perspectives on a Growing Investment Theme
Mar 30, 2011
March 2011 - This report, conducted in partnership with Citi Investment Research & Analysis, provides an overview of the current state of the dynamic electric vehicle industry, with a focus on individual company product plans, key technological issues and the latest industry initiatives and government policies that may influence further development of electric vehicles.