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Ceres News Feed

Ceres Report Calls on Investors to Adopt Stronger Proxy Voting Guidelines for Environmental and Social Issues
Sep 22, 2011
The first-of-its-kind report lays out four concise sets of principles on governance, social issues, general sustainability and environmental performance to guide investors’ voting on specific resolutions addressing these topics.
GRI Releases New Guidelines to Build Transparency in Construction and Real Estate Sector
Sep 22, 2011
Carbon emissions, management and remediation of contaminated land, and sub-contracted labor issues are some of the sustainability issues that can now be reported by construction and real estate companies, thanks to new guidance published today by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).
Forbes: Percolating a Sustainable Coffee Cup
Sep 19, 2011
It’s the cup we cherish for our morning ritual: the lowly-but-ubiquitous disposable coffee cup. Yet this same cup’s environmental inspiring a consumer backlash that’s grabbing boardroom attention for its potential hit to brand and customer loyalty.
Montana's Energy Future (Part Two): Differing Perspectives on the Energy Economy of the Rocky Mountain West
Sep 14, 2011
In the second episode of this three part series, we speak with Gloria Flora, former U.S. Forest Supervisor and Director of Sustainable Obtainable Solutions. Gloria recently co-authored a report on how Montana can become energy self-reliant through renewables, energy efficiency and conservation and is championing 'biochar' as a possible carbon-negative energy source.
MarketWatch: Global Warming No Hoax to Insurance Companies
Sep 09, 2011
MarketWatch's Al Lewis discusses how severe weather is impacting insurance companies and the general public, and cites Ceres' new report on climate risk disclosure by insurers.
Forbes: Why Environmental Policies Don't Kill Jobs
Sep 09, 2011
President Obama unveiled his jobs proposal last night and among many strong points, he rebuffed the naysayers who disparage the key role that clean technology jobs have in America’s revival.
The Hill: Energy Projects Generate Jobs
Sep 06, 2011
A bipartisan bill to help both our economy and environment is emerging in Congress — in these days of hyper-gridlock, the effort deserves our full support. The bill restores a popular financing program, Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), to improve energy efficiency in homes and businesses across the country.
Reuters: Few Insurers Planning for Climate Change - Report
Sep 02, 2011
Only one in eight insurers has a formal policy in place to manage climate risk, despite rising evidence that environmental changes are exacerbating insurers' disaster losses, according to a coalition of public interest groups.
Sustainable Commodities Investment - Forest Footprint Disclosure
Sep 02, 2011
This webinar discusses how to better assess the investment risks associated with deforestation - including from greenhouse gas emission - with experts from Forest Footprint Disclosure (FFD).
Ceres Report: Insurers Slow to Recognize Climate Change Threat to Their Business Models and Larger Economy
Sep 01, 2011
Only 11 of 88 major insurers surveyed recently have formal policies in place to deal with growing climate change risks, according to a major new report issued today by Ceres. The report was to have been delivered today at a conference of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) that was cancelled due to Hurricane Irene.
Climate Risk Disclosure by Insurers: Evaluating Insurer Responses to the NAIC Climate Disclosure Survey
Sep 01, 2011
This report documents this powerful industry’s sluggish and uneven response to the ever-increasing ripples from global climate change, which could undermine both its own financial viability and the stability of the larger global economy. With the world still reeling from the devastating impacts of an economic crisis triggered by hidden risks in the banking sector, we can ill afford a new problem triggered by hidden risks in another.
Bentall Kennedy Group, Prudential Real Estate Investors, Thomas Properties, Liberty Property Score High in Ranking of Global Property Managers on Environmental Performance
Sep 01, 2011
Leading real estate companies reduced their annual energy consumption by nearly 3 percent in 2010 and are taking steps to integrate environmental management into their daily operations, according to a report issued today by the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) Foundation.
Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer Lays Out State’s Energy Future on Ceres Sustainability Podcast
Aug 24, 2011
Ceres today launched a three-part podcast series exploring Montana’s energy future. The first episode features Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, now serving his second term as governor, who discusses why he is keen to kick America’s dependency on foreign fuel supplies.
Montana's Energy Future (Part One): Differing Perspectives on the Energy Economy of the Rocky Mountain West
Aug 23, 2011
In the first episode of our three-part series on Montana's energy economy we speak with Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer. Schweitzer spent a number of years developing agricultural systems in Libya and Saudi Arabia, which strongly shaped one of his ongoing policy priorities: securing American energy independence. And with huge coal and oil reserves, as well as wind potential, he explains how Montana fits snugly into this plan.
Forbes: Investor Giant CalPERS Wrestles With Real-Life Challenge of ESG
Aug 22, 2011
CalPERS has long been an innovator in the ESG space, but early this year it decided to scale those efforts by committing to across-the-board ESG integration. Last week in Sacramento, board members got a two-hour preview of what this mammoth undertaking will likely entail.
Ceres Investor Network Lauds Economic Benefits of Northeast Clean Fuels Standard
Aug 17, 2011
Ceres President Mindy Lubber and two leading investors issued public statements today on the proposed Clean Fuels Standard for 11 Northeast states and the early release of NESCAUM’s economic analysis showing clear economic benefits stemming from a Clean Fuels Standard (CFS).
Ceres President Mindy Lubber Commends Heavy Truck Standards
Aug 09, 2011
Ceres, the nation’s largest coalition of investors and public interest groups working to promote sustainability, issued the following statement on today's announcement of the first fuel efficiency/GHG standards for heavy- and medium-duty trucks from 2014-2018.
Ceres Pays Tribute to Sustainability Giant Ray Anderson
Aug 09, 2011
Ceres marks with sadness the passing of Ray Anderson, Interface founder and chairman, an extraordinary leader and sustainability pioneer. Anderson was a long-time Ceres friend and advisor, and one of the first industrialists to build his entire business model around sustainability.
Portland Trail Blazers Join BICEP Business Coalition Advocating for Strong Clean Energy, Climate Policies
Aug 09, 2011
The Portland Trail Blazers today became the first professional sports franchise to stand up publicly for comprehensive energy and climate policies in the U.S. by joining BICEP - Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy - a coalition of consumer brands organized by Boston-based Ceres.
Forbes: Obama’s Stricter Fuel Efficiency Standards Will Save Money, Create Jobs, Report Says
Aug 05, 2011
Nearly lost in the debt-ceiling drama was President Obama’s announcement last Friday of new corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standard for cars and light-duty trucks: 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. Thirteen automakers, representing 90 percent of the cars sold in the United States, were on board with the agreement, which follows Obama’s 2009 mandate for a CAFE average of 35.5 by 2016.