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Ceres News Feed

Jan 28, 2011
Citing the company’s commitment to social initiatives focused on improving women’s health, the Ceres Board of Directors has approved EILEEN FISHER Inc. into its coalition of companies. The Irvington, NY-based company is the first women’s clothing company to join Ceres, a leading national coalition of investors, environmental organizations and other public interest groups working with companies to address environmental and social challenges, such as climate change.
National Grid Approved to Join Ceres
Jan 28, 2011
Citing the company’s commitment to social and environmental improvements, the Ceres Board of Directors has approved National Grid into the Ceres network of companies. National Grid, based in Westborough, MA, is one of the first New England utilities to join Ceres, a leading coalition of investors, environmental groups and other public interest groups working with companies to address sustainability challenges such as global climate change.
Power Companies and Wall Street Firms Begin to Assess Climate Risks
Jan 28, 2011
With input from investors, financial firms and electric power companies, Ceres today released a report outlining actions that power companies and Wall Street firms should be taking to address the financial risks posed by climate change. The report comes as more financial services firms, including Citigroup, JPMorgan and Sanford C. Bernstein, are boosting their research on the financial impact of emerging climate change regulations.
Investors Press S&P 500 Companies for Better Disclosure on Social and Environmental Challenges
Jan 28, 2011
For the first time, major institutional investors today called on S&P 500 companies to follow their European counterparts in using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to improve their public disclosure to shareholders on pressing environmental and social issues. The announcement comes as GRI today unveiled new reporting guidelines, called G3, that elevate climate change as a key disclosure topic for companies to include in public reports.
Marsh, Yale and Ceres Join To Educate Corporate Directors About The Risks, Opportunities Posed By Climate Change
Jan 28, 2011
Three leading U.S. organizations have announced a unique collaborative effort to educate hundreds of independent corporate board members about the potential liabilities and strategic business opportunities global climate change can create for companies. The announcement was made at a plenary session of the 2006 annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, being hosted here this week by former President Bill Clinton.
State Street Corp. Approved as a Ceres Company
Jan 28, 2011
Citing the company's increasing commitment to socially responsible investing, sustainability reporting, and community engagement, the Ceres board of directors today announced its approval of Boston-based State Street Corp. as the newest company to join the Ceres network.
Dozens of New Insurance Products Emerging to Tackle Climate Change and Rising Weather Losses
Jan 28, 2011
Dozens of new insurance activities, such as 'green' building credits and incentives for investing in renewable energy, are emerging to tackle the causes of climate change and rising weather-related losses in the U.S. and globally, according to a major new report issued today by the Ceres investor coalition. But the report also states that more insurance companies need to be offering similar services to minimize losses and make the most of business opportunities related to climate change.
Ceres Partners with EAI to Improve Investment Research on Climate Change and other 'Extra-Financial' Issues
Jan 28, 2011
Ceres, a U.S. coalition of investors, environmental groups and other public interest organizations, today announced it is joining the Enhanced Analytics Initiative as a partner, a new membership category for organizations supportive of EAI's mission, and has pledged to support EAI’s mission to encourage investment research that considers the impact of ‘extra financial’ issues on long-term company performance.
Clif Bar & Co. Joins Ceres Network of Companies
Jan 28, 2011
Citing the company’s long-time commitment to environmental and sustainable business practices, the Ceres board of directors has selected Clif Bar & Co. as its newest company member.
For a Long-Term Stimulus, Invest in Green Energy
Jan 28, 2011
A green stimulus bill that spurs innovation in energy efficiency, renewable energy and achieving a smart grid will help America get its swagger back. Consider energy efficiency, the lowest-hanging fruit for improving company bottom lines and slashing global warming pollution.
Whole Foods Needs a Holistic Approach on Climate Change
Jan 28, 2011
Why would a new Ceres report give low scores to Whole Foods, one of the nation's largest purchasers of renewable energy, for the way it is responding to the challenge of climate change? Precisely for the word that Whole Foods uses to describe itself: "whole." Many of the company's actions on climate change are laudable, but it still lacks a holistic strategy for dealing with this colossal challenge that will ripple across all industry sectors.
From Starbucks to Nike, Business Asks for Green Legislation
Jan 28, 2011
Would it surprise you to learn that Starbucks is a leading advocate for action on climate change? "The way we see it," says Ben Packard, Starbucks VP of Global Sustainability, "addressing climate change will help companies like ours reduce operating costs and mitigate future economic instability. Starbucks has joined with other companies to form a coalition that calls itself BICEP (Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy) and it has a clear message for next year's Congress--move quickly on climate change to kick-start a transition to a clean energy economy.
Why Cleantech Investors Haven't Panicked
Jan 28, 2011
The short-term blowback from the global financial panic has been pretty logical: A flight to value and safety and reallocation of assets to deal with longer-term risks of the new economy. So what does this mean for cleantech investing?
How to Cure Our Short-Term Thinking
Jan 28, 2011
If we have any doubt about the prevalence - and cost - of "short-termism" in global capital markets, the current economic meltdown is an obvious reminder. But, beyond the $700 billion bailout and other financial band-aids to stop the bleeding, the bigger debate is how to fix the regulatory and corporate governance systems to avoid future calamities -- whether financial or environmental.
How Insurance Has Become a Well-Spring of Green Innovation
Jan 28, 2011
We all know the saying: adversity begets opportunity. Today, the insurance industry is heeding that idea and discovering that hurricanes, among other climate adversities, can create innovation -- and revenue.
Telecommuting's Small Carbon Footprint
Jan 28, 2011
The concept of open work is a relatively new one for me. If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be sending email to my staff during half-time at my daughter's soccer game, videoconferencing via the internet with a colleague in London from our office in Boston, and writing a blog post on the benefits of working remotely from my couch at home, I would have told you that you were crazy. And it makes me wonder--are we really maximizing the impact of open work as a strategy to combat rising energy use, increased greenhouse gas emissions, and the greater climate change crisis?
Can Canada's Oil Sands Solve the Energy Crisis?
Jan 28, 2011
The Wall Street Journal may not like T. Boone Pickens' clean energy plan, but it has a lot of merit. What Pickens sees -- and the WSJ ignores -- is that our oil-driven global economy is stretched to the limit and is likely not sustainable. A telling indicator is an enormous oil-extraction project in Alberta, Canada -- an enormous energy-intensive, financially questionable undertaking that oil companies are now treating as the next great oil bonanza.
Climate Change: Investors' Next Global Mega-Trend?
Jan 28, 2011
Warning to U.S. companies: Just because national lawmakers are dawdling on global warming, don't think your business can dawdle, too. While U.S. policymakers are running in place on climate change, global investors are moving quickly to make money from its far-reaching risks and opportunities.
In Green Business, Strange Bedfellows Are Becoming the Norm
Jan 28, 2011
Ceres president Mindy Lubber blogs on the growing importance of stakeholders in corporate sustainability.
EPA Supports Ceres to Expand its Facility Reporting Project
Jan 27, 2011
The Ceres coalition announced today it has received support from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conduct additional pilot projects under its Facility Reporting Project (FRP). FRP aims to improve sustainability reporting and performance at individual facilities across the country.