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Nike, EMC, Ikea and other biz giants urge U.S. climate action
Apr 17, 2013
Some of the world's largest businesses have called on America's political leaders to urgently accelerate efforts to build a greener economy.
Why water consciousness is a business imperative in China
Apr 16, 2013
Toxic industrial runoff, overdrawn ground water and even bloated pigs and dead ducks in major waterways. The list of China's water woes is long and appears to be growing.
Flooding, fires and food: Climate change is costing taxpayers plenty
Apr 16, 2013
Climate change and extreme weather are fundamentally changing the United States, and American taxpayers are paying a huge – and growing – cost.
Climate Change a Bigger Cost for American Taxpayers
Apr 15, 2013
A growing chunk of American tax dollars is footing the bill for increasing floods, fires, droughts and other climate related changes taking place in the country.
US companies issue declaration urging government to act on climate change
Apr 12, 2013
US companies are flipping the script: instead of lobbying government to relax (or even gut) environmental regulation, a corporate group is urging Washington to enact strong policy aimed at curbing climate change.
To fix the climate, think like a business
Apr 11, 2013
The innovations of the past century have helped drive growth and improve the livelihoods of many millions of people, but the result is a long way from a sustainable society.
Unhappy Returns: Climate Change's Big Tax on Americans
Apr 10, 2013
Climate change and extreme weather are fundamentally changing the United States, and American taxpayers are paying a huge, and growing, cost.
U.S. Business Leaders Urge Strong Policy Action on Climate Change
Apr 10, 2013
As the President unveils his budget for the coming year, 33 major U.S. companies, including eBay Inc., Nike and Limited Brands signed a “Climate Declaration,” urging federal policymakers to take action on climate change.
Corporations Can’t Ignore Climate Change
Apr 09, 2013
When a storm like Hurricane Sandy can bring the world’s largest financial institutions to a standstill, it's crystal clear that the challenges of climate change are inextricably linked to our economy.
Investors Announce Proposal for Sustainability Listing Standard for Global Stock Exchanges
Apr 08, 2013
A group of investors today announced a Consultation Paper with recommendations for integrating sustainability disclosure requirements into listing rules for U.S. and global stock exchanges.
Investors Seek Stronger Disclosure by U.S. Water Providers
Apr 02, 2013
U.S. water providers are facing unprecedented challenges and investors who finance the projects that keep the water flowing want better information on how water utilities are managing these risks. To assist in improved disclosure, Ceres is releasing a disclosure framework for water and sewer utilities.
Disclosure Framework for Water & Sewer Enterprises
Apr 02, 2013
In its Report on Municipal Securities Market, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission recommends the development of best practices in disclosure to improve the fairness and efficiency of the municipal market. Given the heightened attention to credit analysis across the municipal market, and the shifting operating environment facing issuers within the water and sewer sector, Ceres is issuing this disclosure framework to ensure that all material information is provided to investors in the primary and secondary markets.
How Levi's includes worker well-being in supply chain management
Mar 29, 2013
In the second post of her two-part series, Andrea Moffat describes her recent experience in Cambodia working with suppliers, local NGOs and major apparel manufacturers on the implementation of a new program to improve the lives of workers.
Greening Executive Bonuses
Mar 28, 2013
Mindy Lubber talks with Jason Margolis of PRI's The World about tying executive's compensation to a company's sustainability goals.
San Diego leaders meeting on March 27-28 to discuss climate change readiness
Mar 26, 2013
Confronting and responding to climate challenges is the focus of “Building Climate Resilience in Cities: San Diego Workshop,” on March 27-28 at the University of San Diego. The gathering, organized by Ceres and ClimateWise, will include leading climate scientists, insurance experts and state planners.
How to build worker well-being: Levi Strauss in Cambodia
Mar 22, 2013
More than 20 years ago, LS&Co. became the first multinational apparel company to establish a comprehensive workplace code of conduct for its global suppliers. But LS&Co. concluded two years ago that the code, while important, is not enough.
Protecting Renewable Portfolio Standards from Cynical Attacks
Mar 19, 2013
Despite overwhelming support for a policy that’s already on the books, an Ohio State Senator is seeking to repeal the state’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard.
Report: Most insurers not prepared for climate change
Mar 07, 2013
Are insurers ready for the risks posed by climate change? New study finds most aren't fully prepared, but the industry says it can handle claims.
Is the U.S. Insurance Industry Prepared for Climate Change?
Mar 07, 2013
Insurers are increasingly acknowledging that extreme weather has become the new normal, yet a new report from Ceres finds that many in the industry are only just beginning to think about how to address the effects climate change may have on their business.
Insurer Climate Risk Disclosure Survey 2012
Mar 06, 2013
This report summarizes responses from insurance companies to a survey on climate risk developed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). In 2012 insurance regulators in California, New York and Washington required insurers that write in excess of $300 million in direct written premiums, and are licensed to operate in any of the three states, to disclose their climate-related risks using this survey. The aim of the survey and Ceres’ analysis of the responses is to provide regulators with substantive information about the risks to insurers posed by climate change, as well as steps insurers are taking in response to their understanding of climate change risks.